Hey there,

I'm Suraj Kandlakunta

I’m currently pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology. I’m interested in how websites are built, and I’m trying to learn more about them. I also like to work with UI/UX Design. I’m into cricket and tech.

Suraj Kandlakunta

My Work

I have been into frontend development for quite some time now and I have started off by completing challenges at frontendmentor.io A few of my works are here. Check out my profile at frontendmentor.io here. With every new challenge, I learnt a lot about building websites.

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This has been my favourite challenge to work with from frontmentor.io, there is a lot with this challenge that makes it more interesting.

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One of the projects I have taken up from frontendmentor.io, The website is responsive and is built using HTML, CSS and JS. This project also includes working with animations.

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One of the projects I have worked on using Figma to create a UI Design for an e-commerce website.